Why don't you add tech fashion to your usual clothes?


Everyone has clothes made of material written as Teflon and Solotex from NNINE, but I have many questions about what kind of material and fashion, so if I could explain the so -called tech fashion today. I think.

By the way, if you are interested,Search with TeflonPlease try it. (__)


SOLOTEX fiber ▲


Tech fashion is a simple outdoor casual route with high functionality.

The silhouette is oversized, and the material is a smooth texture with a mat of chemical fiber.

It is an innovative style with many monotone monotone, a futuristic and military elements.


Tech represents "technology" and "technical". As the name suggests, it is characterized by highly functional materials created by the progress of science and technology.


For example, Gorex and UNIQLO's heat tech, which are indispensable in winter outdoors, correspond to that. Focusing on functionality rather than design, it is perfect for those who want to spend their daily lives comfortably, not to be aware of fashion.


[Advantages of tech wear]

The best clothing for those who want to emphasize functionality rather than design. Speaking of tech fashion outerwear, it is a windbreaker.


In winter, it is strong in rain and wind and snow with excellent cold weather protection and insulation functions from everyday life

It covers a wide range of outdoors.

It is said to be highly functional, but the quality is pinky,

The most important point is to choose the material.


For example, those with Teflon coating processing are highly water -repellent, and if the solox material is a solox material, it will fit the body with a soft and soft comfort.

If you have a high -going lifestyle, if you have one, you should be an indispensable place for winter out!


[Typical materials that upgrade the comfort]


Solotex is an innovative fiber developed by Teijin Frontier. It is a material that promises excellent functionality and comfortable dressing.


Compared to conventional fibers, it has a characteristic of "high stretch", "shape recovery", and "soft texture". In addition, the fact that the color is good and the fact that it is less likely to be wrinkled also enhances fashion. Even if you wear it repeatedly, it is attractive to keep beautiful silhouettes and texture!


It is also used for outdoor and sports wear.

TeflonIt is a plastic material that is also called fluorine resin and is characterized by its high strength.

Double Zip Down Jacket N1432

Speaking of familiar Teflon material, "Teflon -processed frying pan"

(= It's not easy) is common.


It has excellent heat resistance and slipper. In addition, it is also characterized by non -adhesive, chemical resistance, friction resistance, and corrosion resistance. In fact, it is also used in the material of the fashion, and mainly outdoor, tech wear outerwear and pants, and those with teflon coating have the effect of water -repellent processing.



[I want to incorporate]

In recent years, tech fashion of re -boom.

At first glance, it seems difficult to wear, but beginners take one point somewhere and try a new winter standard? Recommended is the outerwear.

Easy to match with your inner inner, you can love it for a long time.


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