What is the popular fashion? Corde with no doubt about women's uke

Isn't it a permanent task for any man for any man?

Because if you do fashion, you want to be popular.

It doesn't matter if you're a teen or 30s.

As long as you are a man, it is an instinct, and it is a correct idea.

So, this time, I will talk about popular fashion, so please refer to it.

What is the popular fashion?

Mote's fashion has several characteristics.

In other words, if you understand the points firmly, you can make a popular fashion.

Beautiful fashion

Anyone has beautiful fashion fashion.

Clothes of various genres are on sale,Ultimately, it's simple and beautifulThat's it.

For example, if you are too flashy, you will be noticeable, but you should not have the image of being popular.

The tops are white shirts, pants are chinos and denim, etc., and the simple and beautiful eyes are the most popular.

Inconspicated accessories

When you were young, did you want a woman to see it a little and wear a prominent accessories?

That is the opposite effect.

A flashy accessories that can be overtly understood as a brand will appeal to the irritability.

Certainly, it may be popular, but it is only interested in the money that the person has and the human itself is not motivated.

To be a little popularWear an inconspicuous accessoryIt is important.

There is a sense of cleanliness

After all, no matter what fashion you do, you will definitely not be motivated unless you have a feeling of cleanliness.

If it's fashion,It is not motivated just because the clothes are broken or yellowish.

Other than that, if the beard or hair is rugged, it is only filthy, so even if you do your best in fashion, you will never be motivated.

In order to be popular, cleanliness is important before fashion.

Coordination that suits the age

In rare cases, there are times when coordinates that are not different from age.

but,If you make a mistake, you will feel uncomfortable, and you will lose the motivation element.

It may be an extreme example, but if you are a teenager in your 30s, it looks like a child, so it is not popular.

If you are in your thirties, simple fashion is ideal.


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What are the features of fashion that are not popular?

You may be doing fashion that is unknowingly unknown.

Isn't it safe if you know the features of fashion that are not popular first?

I'm accumulating with brands

At a certain age, you may have money, so you may buy a brand product in that reaction.

There is no problem in itself, for exampleIf the whole body is a fashionable fashion with a brand logo, it will be drawn by a womanThere is a possibility.

You may be able to appeal to having money, but your important person may be left behind.

Fluorescent fashion

Recently, fashion that incorporates fluorescent colors into one point is popular.

but,Fluorescent colors are flashy and are only preferred by specific womenTherefore, I do not recommend much.

Especially in the case of prominent fluorescent colors such as shoes, it looks clearly chara.

Intense fashion

It is a fierce fashion that may be more mote than fluorescent colors.

If you have a strange design or a hairstyle, you can get a personality, but it is difficult to be popular.It can be said.

If you are influencer and have a well -known, you may be popular, but in the case of ordinary people, it will be avoided depending on the fashion.

Filthy fashion

Naturally, no matter how hard you try, there is no motivation.

I'm washing, butShirts and holes with extended necks, clothes smellSuch as applicable.

Especially around the neck of the shirt, it will be twisted immediately, so you have to be careful even if you clean it beautifully.

When washing, it is important to try to put it on the net as much as possible, and to sterilize and dry it so that it does not dry out.

It's not just fashion

Even if you are perfect with good clothes, if you neglect the important contents, you will not be 100 % motivated.

Certainly, it is natural for men and women to consider the appearance first to look at the opposite sex.

But beyond that is not the appearance but the contents.

In the case of self -centered ideas, there are many women who are separated no matter how cool they are.There is a trend.

If you want to be a mote, you should be a man who can think of others.

If your remarks and actions are solid, it will lead to a motivation factor, so don't forget.

What is the fashion item?

It is a point that is as simple as possible, but what kind of items should I choose?


·tailored jacket
・ Polo shirt
・ Plain T -shirt
·skinny pants
・ Chino bread

The elements that are simple and popular are high.

I think they are all sober, but now it's easy to make a simple and too much fashion that doesn't overload too much.

In addition, it is difficult to be a strange fashion if you keep it as solid as possible or a border or a striped lipe.

4 recommended selections of popular fashion


EVI STUB, buckle work clothes work pants.

These work pants are made in a loose eye and can be used for both men and women.

The material is 100 % cotton made in JapanSo you can wear it with confidence.

The design is very simple, so it will be in any scene.



Oxford fabric under string shirt of Evistub.

Although it is a plain shirt, it is packed with a lot of attention to the details.

for exampleFunctions that have two chest pockets and narrow the waistIs provided.

Oxford fabric tends to use thick yarn, so it feels thick.

If the fabric is thick, the cheap impression will disappear, so it can be used as a popular fashion.

Seeersucker Waffle Summer Setup N2137


Evistub is Shea Soccer Waffle Summer Setup.

What is shea soccer?The fabric woven with the strength of the threadIt refers to that.

In Japan, it is also called shijira weaving and is used as a dough such as yukata.

Because it is easy to wear with excellent breathability, it is one place where heavy rotation is made.

Solotex Jacket Setup N1895


Evistub's Solotex jacket setup.

It is a jacket setup that is in fashion now.

A jacket setup made in a loose eyeTherefore, it will make a casual production.

Loose jacket setup is a modern style, so it corresponds to a popular fashion.


Fashion is a permanent issue for men.

However, even if you want to do a popular fashion, it may be difficult to do it.

If you have the desire to want to be moped, you have to improve fashion and grooming, but you have to be careful not to leave the contents.

No matter how great it looks, it will not be popular if the contents are useless.


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