What is the correct combination of shirts and outer? Outer type and 5 recommended items

It will be the outer season, but do you feel it is difficult to combine with a shirt?

Because the outer season is limited and I don't remember what shirts were combined until last year.

Moreover, fashion changes the trend every year, so you get lost in combination.

This time, I will talk about the combination of shirts and outer, so please refer to it.

What is the optimal combination of the outer worn on a shirt?

On a shirt, no outerwear is fine.

The shirt has an outer that looks good on a shirt.


Shirts and cardigans are compatible.

especiallyRegardless of whether you have a T -shirt or Y -shirt, the cardigan goes well.

In addition, in the case of a cardigan, it is very easy to carry, so it will be active regardless of the time.

tailored jacket

Tailored jackets are also compatible with both Y -shirts and T -shirts.

Tailored jacketIt is very useful in both casual and businessTherefore, it can be said that you should have one place.

The tailored jacket looks more stylish than a cardigan, and it looks cool just by wearing it.

It is a tailored jacket that fits a shirt from spring to winter.


Although it will be limited to winter, the coat is also an outer that fits the shirt.

Moreover, there are many types of coats, so you should choose the one that suits the shirt.

for example,Chester coat, trench coat, mod coat, duffel coatSuch as applicable.

Chester coats and trench coats are business -related, and duffel coats can be divided into casual.

Rider's jacket

Among the outerwear, the rider's jacket has the most baker -like element.

The genre is completely different from the coat and tailored jacket,Speaking of coolness, the order of magnitudeI can say that.

Although it is not completely for business, the combination of a private shirt and a rider's jacket will increase the coolness of the coolness several stages.


Isn't the most casual outer a hoodie?

It is difficult to classify it as an outer, butItems that are compatible with shirtsI can say that.

If it is a T -shirt, you can just wear it from above, and even a shirt with a collar can be worn only with the collar.

Knit sweater

When it gets quite cold, there are cases where a hoodie becomes unbearable.

In that case, the knit sweater will be active.

Knit sweater is not as disturbed as a jacketHowever, it is easy to attach and detach.

Depending on the temperature of the place, you can take it off and wear it, and carry it is not painful.

Down jacket

The down jacket is the most active outerwear in the cold season of midwinter.

Regardless of T -shirt or Y -shirt, the combination with a down jacket is compatible.

fundamentallyThe down jacket is worn when you go out, so it is not suitable for carrying.

Once you wear a down jacket, you can use any design, but be careful if you may enter the room.


The outerwear that is warm and easy to wear is a blouson.

The blouson isIt also has a role to help you coordinateTherefore, it is quite convenient.

Of course, it is compatible with a shirt, so it can be matched to any scene.

It is not suitable for extremely cold fabrics because it is not as thick as a down jacket, but it is the best outer if it is a little worn.


MA-1 refers to an outer that models the jacket worn by the US military.

BasicallyOuterwear made of nylon material and has a strong casual feelingIt can be said.

It is not suitable for business, but if you are casual, you can create a cool style in combination with a shirt.


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Is there an outer that should not be worn from the shirt?

Basically, any outerwear is a shirt.

However, there are some outerwear that do not fit the shirt.

For example, a hoodie and a tailored jacket are quite incompatible.

especiallyThe compatibility between the hooded hoodie and the tailored jacket is not good.

Because Parker is casual and tailored jacket is strong business -oriented.

In addition, the tailored jacket is selected with a feeling of size of about two inner pieces, so if you put it on a hoodie with a thick fabric, it will be rugged.

The cool tailored jacket is ruined.

There is no problem if it is private, but quit in the business scene.

5 items to be combined with shirts and outerwear


NORYBRAND is a retro heavy wash damage denim shirt.

It is a simple retro decohim shirt,Paint -like design in detailIs being applied.

When a simple design combines a simple design, it looks very fashionable.

GREEN CHECK LONG -Sleeed Shirt N2640

UNBENT's loan silhouette green check long sleeve shirt.

It's a very simple green check shirt,Both have a chest pocket.

Because the color is green, it is basically designed to match any shirt and outerwear.

7 Otsu Cotton Denim Shirts N2533


NOTHOMME is a 7 -onstone wash cotton denim shirt.

Ons refers to weight, and 7 ounce is about 198g.

It's a bright denim shirt and lightTherefore, it will be compatible with outerwear that you usually wear.

American Retrojiper Denim Jacket N2613

CountryMoment is a denim down jacket with American retro jipper down.

prettySimple denim down jacketis.

Although it is simple, it is an item to have one place because it can be adjusted to any fashion.

Retro Fried Swing Jacket N2551

714Street, retro freeled work jacket.

Sometimes the material is fleece,The outerwear that is very active in a little chilly seasonis.

It is a recommended item for those who want to enjoy retro fashion to make it feel somewhat nostalgic design.


The shirts and outer that we usually wear, have you ever felt difficult to combine?

If the basics of fashion are faithful, it is rarely dressed with shirts and outerwear.

Why don't you look for a shirt and outer that is perfect for you?


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