What are the features of Adidas? History, representative works, how to choose 4 recommended items

The most famous brand among the many shoes is Adidas.

Adidas is a popular brand, so a lot of apparel is being deployed and sold.

What is worrisome is the feature of Adidas.

This time, we will talk about the features of Adidas shoes and related recommended items, so please refer to them.

Know history before Adidas's characteristics!

Adidas is now a famous sports maker, but it was not famous from the beginning.

In 1920"Dasler Brothers Shokai" established by the Dasler brothers, a German shoemakerit was done.

Sales were my brother Rudolf and the manufacturing was handled by my brother Adolf.

However, Dasler created Adidas by his brother fight due to differences in direction.

After all, if you belong to the same industry in your brother, you will have a quarrel due to opinions.

And Adolf has established a later Puma.

Speaking of PumaA brand that is as famous as Adidasis.

Interestingly, Adidas and Puma were born by their brothers.

Adidas has been noticed by the Helsinki Olympics players, and many athletes still use it.

What are the features of Adidas?

Speaking of AdidasThree -line marks and leaf marksit might be.

The leaf mark is called a trefoil, and the three lines are called extraction.

Trefille is the meaning of the latest technology of laurel trees.

And around 2002, the three -line mark on the yen mark.

These three styles are the key to Adidas.

The biggest feature of Adidas is that most shoes are simple.

There is no flashy, yet it is stylish, so not only athletes but also ordinary people are favored and loved.is.

Adidas is very useful as a sport and fashion, so it can be said that it is a brand that is loved by all ages. 

What is Adidas's masterpiece?

Adidas shoes have their own names, but the most popular is the superstar, Stan Smith.

Even if you are no longer familiar with shoes, you should know the existence of superstars and stansmiss.

Super star

Adidas superstarSneakers with a history of over 50 yearsis.

Superstars debuted in 1969 as basketball shoes, and new works are still on sale.

From the time to the present, many people have chosen superstars, as top athletes have used it.

The feature of a superstar is that the toes are designed like shells.

It is still a hot -selling sneaker due to the simple design of the three lines, the comfort, and the price range that is easy to purchase.


The popular sneakers alongside superstars are Stan Smith.

Stansmith is said to have been named from Protenniser Stan Reah Roger Smith.

Stansmith isThe best -selling sneakers not only in Japan but also all over the worldIt is also a great sneaker certified by the Guinness Book.

The reason for its popularity is that the simple design that is not affected by the trend and the face of Stansmiss, which has an impact, is printed.

The big point is that the design itself is simple, so it has no effect on the trend.


Adidas has three major models.

One is a superstar, the other is Stan Smith, and finally country.

Country is a running shoes born in the 1970sis.

As the name suggests, it is said that it was developed for cross -country competitions.

Country durability is very high, yet it has a simple and somewhat insignificant aura.

At that time, it was also adopted in Hollywood movies, and the boom was ignited.

How should Adidas choose?

Adidas shoes have several characteristics, and you should know each purpose.


Adidas is roughly dividedLow cut, middle cut, high cutThere are three types of cuts.

It is a low -cut that is easy to wear and coordinated, and if you need the right height, a middle cut is recommended, and if you are looking for an image like boots, high cuts are recommended.

The impression varies greatly depending on the cut, so be sure to choose the one that suits your current fashion.


The color of the sneakers that greatly affect fashion.

Adidas has various colors as well as black and white.

for example,Red, blue, yellow, pinkThere are many colors.

In addition, because there are many types of colors of the three lines, it is good to choose according to your own preference, or it is good to match your usual fashion.


Adidas sells a variety of models, such as Stan Smith and superstar.

All are simple, but their characteristics are slightly different.

If you want stylish, a superstar, if you are looking for a classic model, Stan SmithThe choices are quite wide.

4 recommended items that are perfect for Adidas!


RESTICK's 14 -oz heavy wash denim pants.

The perfect match for Adidas is the 14 -oz heavy wash denim pants.

Sneakers and denim pants are quite compatible,Stone washed designAnd it looks cooler.


714Street compass one point embroidery sports free spants.

Very simple free spantsExcellent enough to match any kind of Adidasis.

Because it can be matched to any fashion, it can be said that the first place is an item you want to keep.

Outdoor Zip Pants N2579

NOTHOMME's outdoor zip pants.

As the name suggests, the pants are perfect for the outdoorsA structure in which the heat escapes by pulling the zipperIt is.

The design is quite simple, so it fits perfectly with the Adidas sneakers.

American Retro Pants N2356

714Street American retro pants.

At first glance it is a simple design,I have a retro -like impressionIt gives a different impression from others.

Of course, retro pants are excellent in compatibility with Adidas sneakers, so they are definitely an item you want to combine.


Adidas is a very familiar brand for us, but you shouldn't know the background of the establishment or what kind of.

If you are interested in Adidas, why not buy it first after knowing its history and trendy style?

Knowing the background of Adidas's establishment, you may be a more fan and you will find the best items.


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