How to wear men's version of Ron T? It is very active because it is simple!

Ron T will be worn every day for some people, but is it too obvious to calculate the dressing?

Ron TAlthough it is basically simple, depending on the dress, one and two stages can be seen in a fashionable manner.

Moreover, it is very useful as clothing that can be worn all year round.

So, this time, I will talk about Ron T wear, so please refer to it.

What is Ron T abbreviated?

Everyone says Ron T, but that is abbreviated,Long -length T -shirt and long sleeve T -shirt are officially namesis.

Ron T, who wears it every day, may not have known the official name.

andThe T -shirt "T" looks like T when the shirt is spread.That's why it seems to be said so.

Ron T is a long -sleeved T -shirt, as the name suggests, and is a major item that is very active at any time.

for example,It is good to wear it only in the first place, or when it gets chilly, it can be used as an inner such as jacket.To do.

In midsummer, Ron T protects you when you are worried about sunburn, so you can use it all season.

Let's know about the type of Ron T

Ron T is sold only for major items.

Solid Ron T

Isn't it a plain Ron T that can be matched to any fashion?

The plain Ron T has no design, which is whyIt can be worn alone, and it can be used as an inner and layered clothesWill do it.

Even if you are not confident in fashion, if you have one plain Ron T, you can feel safe in any scene.can.

Printron T

The plain Ron T is too simple, soIf you want a little accent, a print system is recommendedis.
There are a wide range of designs even if you say prints.
With a very flashy design, the impact is tremendous even if you just have one.There is something.

One Point Troglon T

Printron T is quite noticeable, so it's a bit of a personSimple one -point logo Logon TIs recommended.
For example, the brand logo or alphanumeric characters are applicable.
It's not more flashy than the print,Popular design that does not claim too much of one pointis.

Pattern Ron T

Ron T, a pattern such as borders and dots, is also a popular item.
It is not more flashy than Printron T,Borders and dots are simple but designed to have a presenceI can say that.
again,Pattern Long T looks fashionable in the first place, and it looks more when worn as an inner of the jacket.

Ron T is supercompact! Items that can be used from spring to winter

Isn't there anything else that is as competent as Ron T?
If it is a short sleeve T -shirt, it will be limited to summer,Ron T can be used all year roundTherefore, it is a very familiar item for us.
From May to June and from September to October, you can wear only Ron T, and in the cold season as an inner that reinforces the warmth.can.

In addition, some people dare to wear Ron T to protect the strong sunlight in midsummer.


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Which choice of Ron T will not fail?

For us, Ron T, who is too familiar, should have been too natural and have never been so serious.
However, Ron T is also a fine fashion, so the fashion degree of fashion is improved.

Sense of size

There are countless types of Ron T, but the size is different.
In the current era, it is better thanA little loose sizeIt should be said that it should be matched.
however,If it is too loose, it will be a tired image, so choose a moderate size.Let's do it.


Ron T is developed in various colors.
If you want to be simpleSafe white and blackBut if you think as the mainWe also recommend flashy colors such as red and greenis.
However, be careful as Ron T, a flashy color, will be tedious when combined with a jacket.


With the color, the design is infinite.
You can go to any scene in a plain, and a little one -point logo can show your presence.
Also, if the design is quite flashy, it will be established as a fashion in one place.


Ron T has several shapes around the neck, such as V -neck and crew neck.

The crew neck is a simple style with a round shapeis.
The casual element is quite high and can be used for any fashion.
The V -neck is designed with a V -shaped neck as the name

V -neck is recommended if you want to make your appearance look cleaner, so you want to make your appearance look beautiful.


The price of Ron T is really pink.
If the brand is cheap, it is sold for less than 1,000 yen, and it will be 10,000 units for brands and premiere.
The same T -shirt is the same,The difference in the presence of the brand and the quality of the fabric vary greatly.
If you want to enjoy various colors and designs, why not choose Ron T, which is a good price if you think about multiple inexpensive ones and only the first one?

One fashionable fashion! Ron T recommended 5 selections

From here, we will introduce 5 recommended Ron T.

Because there are many simple designs, it can be matched to any fashion.




Bellken's double border sweatshirt.

It is a very simple border T -shirt, but the chest pocket and a small logo accent.

It is good to wear one piece in design, and depending on the time, you can wear it in the outerwear.

High Neck String Tee N786



714Street high neck string long -sleeved T -shirt.
Although it is a solid Ron T as a whole, it is a perfect item for a little chilly season because it is high -necked.
Since it is not a normal crew neck or V -neck, you can feel fashionable only in this one.

High Neck Long Sleeve T -SHIRT N996



High neck long -sleeved T -shirt with KouEMGI logo.
Although it is a simple Ron T, it has a high neck specification.
There is a little logo on the neck, and that alone is fashionable.
There are two types of colors, black and white, so please choose your favorite color.




It is a 714Street hem string sweatshirt.

Because it is a sweat material, the fabric is slightly thicker and feels warm.
In early spring, when it gets warm, it is very active as the main item.

Simple High Neck T -SHIRT N1345



As the name suggests, it is a pretty simple high necklon T. It is a versatile high -neck run T without a logo, so it is a versatile type that can be matched to any item.


Ron T is simple, but the usage is infinite, and depending on the dress, it is an excellent thing that can be a leading role or a supporting role.
If you are looking for a cool Ron T, why not choose after knowing features and how to choose?

You will surely find your favorite one.


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