How to match the knit cardigan? Think about the season and color!

In the season, there are many people who like to wear knit cardigans because they are very active. However, do you have the question of how the knit cardigan looks cool and looks cool?

Knit cardiganNot only can you soften the cold, but you can wear it fashionablyIt can be said that it is important.

This time, I will talk about how to match the knit cardigan and recommended products.

About the type of knit cardigan

There are several types of knit cardigan and at a glance.

First, let's know the type of knit cardigan and think about how to match.

Long cardigan

Speaking of the classic cardigan, isn't it long?

It looks longer and stylish than a general cardiganThere is a feature.

Long -cardigan hides the body shape in a silhouette, and above all, it looks like a slurry, so it has the advantage of being taller than usual.

Short cardigan

A short cardigan is made with the same length as a T -shirt.

Shortcardigan is different from long,Can be worn as an inner jacketThere is a feature.

If you want to wear various things, a short cardigan is recommended.


Have you ever heard the name Codigan?

Codigan is an abbreviation of coat cardigan.

As the name suggestsMiddle length of coat and cardiganAlthough it is, it has the same appearance as a long cardigan.

However, the warmth is better than a long cardigan because it is a slightly thicker fabric like a coat.

Lap cardigan

Are cardigans without buttons recently sold?

A type without this button is called a lap cardigan.

The lap cardigan is quite casual and can be worn.There is a feature.


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How to match the knit cardigan

There are several types of knit cardigans, but if you choose cool ones, you should coordinate them depending on the season.



In the spring, it will finally get warmer, so the time such as down will end and the knit cardigan will be the leading role.

Spring knit cardigans are recommended for light materialsis.

After all, heavy material for winter will be a little hot and out of season.

again,In the spring, it goes well with all of the short cardigans, long cardigan, and lap


Knit cardigan is not very compatible because it feels really hot in summer.

However, the cardigan itself is very useful even in summer.

especiallyCardigans are indispensable on a chilly nightTherefore, it can be said that you should choose the seasonal material.


The summer is over, and the cool time is coming.

In autumn, knit cardigans are quite useful.

ComparativelyIf you have one knit cardigan with a thick fabric, put it on at the timing that it feels a little cold.can do.


In winterKnit cardigan is a big successTo do.

The main is a down jacket, etc., but you can wear it in it or put it on indoors.

What color should the knit cardigan match with?

Knit cardigans are sold in various brands from various brands.

So what combination is the best?


Knit cardigan is quite popular with blackis.

Because it is easy to match with other clothes.

However, the knit cardigan, the inner, and the pants become black when it turns black, so it becomes heavy.

If possible, at leastInner incorporates white with one pointLet's do it.


Knit cardiganWhite is as popular as blackis.

White is also a very easy -to -match color, but it still has a feeling of cleanliness when it becomes white, but it should be careful.

If you want to match it in whiteColor scheme with slightly different colors such as beigeLet's choose.


White and black are common, but beige makes you feel pretty fashionable.

When wearing a beige knit cardiganOther clothing looks beautiful and looks beautifulYou should do it.


GrayPopular colors for knit cardigansis.

Especially if the inner is white, it is quite compatible, so it can be said that it is the best combination.

however,When it comes to the whole body gray system, it becomes like a construction person, so the colors are distributed as much as possible.You should do it.

Knit cardigan is a stylish item!

Knit cardigans are not only worn, but there are some other uses.

For example, hanging on the shoulder or hanging on it.

If it gets a little hot or want to enjoy fashion, you can enjoy it other than wearing a knit cardigan.


The cardigan sleeve is tied from the shoulder to the waist, and it looks like a shoulder bag.

The fashionable that you dare to wear a knit cardigan by hanging it out.There is a look.

Even if it gets a little hot, it is recommended because it is a method that can be easily done.

Shoulder on the shoulder

A method of simply putting a knit cardigan on the shoulder is often incorporated.

It is good to put the sleeves normally, and make it tied.There is also.

Both are easy ways to do, so try it if you have a timing.

Knit cardigan recommended 5 selections


It is a college short cardigan of Country Moment.

A very simple cotton 100 % knit cardigan, making it easy to match any fashion.

Number Logo Knit Cardigan N1221

714Street Numbergonite Cardigan.

It is a pretty simple knit cardigan, but it has a 7 logo mark on the chest, making it a style full of originality.

Because it is quite easy to wear, you can put it on a shirt or hoodie.

Mohair Knit Cardigan N1319

It is a 714Street Mohanit Cardigan.

It is a pretty simple knit cardigan, but it has one point on the arm, so you can enjoy casual fashion.

Because of the warm material, you can just put on the shirt.

Slim Collar Knit Cardigan N1586

Evistub's slim color knit cardigan.

This knit cardigan is quite simple, but it has a pocket on the left and right, so you can keep your hands on it in a chilly season.

The buttons are also pretty cute, so it is a recommended product if you are looking for a stylish knit cardigan.


It is R MADE Wavy Line Knit Cardigan.

This knit cardigan has a wave design as the name suggests.

Although it is simple, the wavy claim expands the range of fashion.

This Wavy Line Knit Cardigan is recommended for those who are a little plain.



Even if you say a knit cardigan, there are many types and you will be wondering which one to do.

The criteria you choose depending on the season, so be sure to choose one that matches the temperature at that time.


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