How to become a man who looks good on a white T -shirt? Points to choose and recommended items

If you are a man, you want to be cool forever.

Fashion is quite important because it is cool, but many of them are paying attention to the refreshingness and ease of wearing white T -shirts.

So, this time, I will talk about a man who looks good on a white T -shirt, so please refer to it.

Is the white T -shirt packed with a lot of charm?

White T -shirts are the strongest items that can be matched to any fashion, but there are many other charms.

Before a white T -shirt looks good, you should know the charm of the white T -shirt itself.

alsoWhite T -shirts are clean, so it is easy for any man to wearThere is a feature.

Also, because it can be matched to any fashion, you should always have one or more.

In every worldIt is said that it is useless if you neglect the basics, but in fashion, white T -shirts are exactly the basics.You should think so.

Because it is a natural white T -shirt, you will know the charm and bring it to a man who looks good by utilizing it in fashion.

Is it true that white T -shirts are highly supported by women?

White T -shirts are simpler than any fashion, and many men should wear them aggressively because they can be adjusted to any style.

Actually, suchA white T -shirt has a good impression from a womanDid you know that?

There are several reasons for that, but firstWhite T -shirts are cleanI can give it.

The same T -shirt has a completely different cleanliness between black and white.

In addition, men wearing white shirts such as suits and uniforms look cool, so white T -shirts tend to have a good impression.


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I want to be a man with a white T -shirt! About the point to choose

Any man doesn't look 100 % if you wear a white T -shirt.

Each white T -shirt has its own characteristics, so it is important to choose the best one.

Thickness of the fabric

The most important thing in choosing a white T -shirt is the thickness of the fabric.

Not only white T -shirts, but other shirts are different in the thickness of the fabric.

The thinner the fabric, the cooler it feels, but it looks far away from a man who looks good.

However, if the fabric is too thick, it will be childish, soYou should choose a moderate thick white T -shirtI can say that.

Design around the neck

White T -shirts have different shapes, such as crew necks and V -necks.

A crew neck is a type with a round neck line, and a V -neck is, as the name suggests.

The V -neck looks masculine because the chest is more open than the crew neck.There is a feature.

forThe crew neck has a soft impressionTherefore, there is a slightly different impression from the V -neck.


A sense of size is quite important for a white T -shirt to be a man who looks good.

For example, if you are too tight or dubble, you will not feel the masculinity.

If it is a crisp size, it looks feminine, and if you do too much, it will look sloppy.

SoChoose a proper size for white T -shirtsIt is determined whether you can become a man who looks good.

Overall design

Even if you say a white T -shirt, not everything is solid and unified.

Some have a one -point logo, while others have a large design behind.

fundamentallyIf you are looking for a simple white T -shirt, you should choose plain, and if you are looking for a slightly flashy one, there is a logo.You should choose.

In particular, the logo and print system have many designs, so choose your favorite T -shirt.

It is also important to be a man who looks good on white shirts

Even if the size and design of the white T -shirt are perfect, you will not be a man who suits you.

However, in order to be a man who looks good in one step, please be aware of the white T -shirts.


It is the hairstyle that determines the impression of the other party.

No matter how nice you are wearing a nice white T -shirt, it will be far from a man who looks good with a rustling hairstyle.

If you can care about fashion,Make sure your hairstyle is well preparedYou should.

The white T -shirt itself is like a clump of cleanliness, so the hairstyle should be a clean style as well.

Body shape

The body type is also an important factor, just like a hairstyle.

For example, if you are hungry even if you are wearing a white T -shirt, you will not be a man who will definitely look good.

If you want to be a man with a white T -shirt, you need to aim for a reasonable body.Is there.

If you want to be a man with a white T -shirt definitely, a moderate muscular body type is ideal.

Maintenance is important not only for wearing white T -shirts!

White T -shirts are quite dirty when worn once because the color is white.

Especially if the neck is yellowed by sweat, it will be far from a man who looks good.

If you wear a white T -shirt once, wash it as much as possible, and put it on the net so that the neck does not stretch and wash it carefully.Let's do it.

5 items perfect for men who look good with white T -shirts

[Water absorption quick -drying / water repellent] Technology Base Tee N1912

UNBENT is a water repellent/antifouling/quick -drying T -shirt.

A simple T -shirt with a U -neck.

What is worrisome about ordinary T -shirts is dirt,Unbent's T -shirt is water -repellent and will make the water firmly.

Moreover, because it is a simple T -shirt, it has the advantage of being able to match any fashion.


It is a stitch cotton T -shirt of 714Street.

As you can see by the product nameTiger is peeking at the front partIs very cute.

Moreover, the design does not insist so far, so you can wear it with just one or a haori.

Silhouette Print T-Shirt N744

It is a silhouette print T -shirt of KouEMGI.

One -point logo on the chest,T -shirt with large prints on your backis.

Because it is designed back and forth, it will claim even one piece.

Retro Logo Print TSHIRT N374

714Street, retro rogue print T -shirt.

On the front partThere is a large logo with Stick714, which is quite noticeableIt is.

The color of the logo varies completely depending on the color of the T -shirt, so the degree of fashion is quite high.


Quentin Marx's bicaragip T -shirt.

It's a pretty simple T -shirt,ZIP with a considerable impact on the chestIs being applied.

Although it is a black design, the area around ZIP is quite distinctive.

I want a simple T -shirt, but I recommend it if you are looking for a slightly impactful design.


As long as you are a man, it is natural that you want to be cool.

There are no other clothes that are easy to match, especially like white T -shirts.

If you want to be a man who looks good on a white T -shirt, we recommend that you be aware of not only your clothes but also your hairstyle and body shape.

Both clothes and body shape are perfect, and if you wear a white T -shirt, you will stand as if you are a model, and you will notice a comfortable gaze from the surroundings.


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